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Program Renewals

Organizations and personnel that participate in compliance programs on this system must renew their status with the owner of the compliance program upon expiration.

This is to ensure that data entered and used via the system is kept current, relevant and accurate.

The Renewal process is determined by each organization that maintains compliance programs on this system and could involve any of the following requirements:

• Updated Background Investigations

• Updated/Additional Documentation

• Required Orientations/Tests

• Re-issued Credentialing/ID badges

Employers participating in a compliance program on this system are responsible for ensuring that their personnel complete the renewal process and are also responsible for the costs associated with the renewal of each employee.

This system is designed to automatically notify participants and their employers after 30 days from their expiration.

To avoid charges for personnel that are no longer employed with your organization, please log in to your account and make them INACTIVE or you may permanently eliminate their e-FILE by TERMINATING their status in the system.

PLEASE NOTE: Personnel who have NOT been renewed may not be cleared for access to the facilities and key worksites of organizations that they are assigned via this system.

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Compliance Programs:

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• Program Approvals

• Auditing/Reporting

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