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How It Works


  • Short Line/Regional Railroad businesses and related trade associations seeking to streamline their day-to-day administrative tasks, visit to establish a railroad enterprise account.
  • Once an account has been established, the railroad enterprise can login to enter their own personnel into the system and/or to create their own Custom Programs.
  • Each program can be configured for specific participant groups and can include a number of solutions.
  • After their programs have been deployed, the railroad enterprise can assign their entered personnel to the appropriate program or to direct contractors to subscribe and then initiate registration with their organization.
  • Registration is required to access the programs of another organization and serves as a pre-qualifying process that helps enterprises to better manage participating contractors and their activities via the system.
  • Once a contractor has registered with an enterprise, they can then assign their personnel to programs administered by that enterprise.
  • Participants that are assigned to a program are then instructed to login to to access, complete and comply with the requirements of that program.
  • Successful compliance with a program may be used to determine eligibility to access select venues, facilities and jobsites or to receive associated credentials.
  • Organizations and their participants can securely monitor the entire process from any PC at any time.

eRailSafe Canada Support Line

–Live help available Monday-Friday 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM EST

By Phone:

(888) 351-1369

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