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e-RAILSAFE CANADA is an all-in-one system that streamlines routine workforce, contractor and compliance management activities for a wide-range of organizations, as well as the businesses and trade associations that serve them. The Service is one of three that make up the e-RAILSAFE line of services which includes: e-RAILSAFE USA and e-RAILSAFE SHORTLINE e-RAILSAFE CANADA facilitates a wide range of routine tasks all from one web-based platform:

• Workforce Management

Manage day-to-day employee information, locations, personnel screening, and more.

• Resource Management

Register and manage routine tasks associated with contractors, vendors, suppliers and related external personnel.

• Compliance Management

Make sure Employees and Resources comply with mission-critical policies, practices and standards such as safety and security.

In addition to offering recommended programs for the short line and regional railroad industry, this system enables users to implement their own custom programs that help augment compliance, while minimizing legal issues arising out of negligent hiring, retention, supervision and training. All e-RAILSAFE systems are powered by eVerifile. — a leading provider of web-powered risk management solutions.

eRailSafe Canada Support Line

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(888) 351-1369


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