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Appeals Process

Denied subscribers have the right to appeal a denial decision made by the organization that administers the program.

The e-RAILSAFE CANADA Appeals Process enables denied organizations and personnel to initiate an appeal of a denial decision via the system.


How It Works

If you have an issue with inaccurate information contained within a background report, contact Garda at 1.800.859.1599 to dispute.

If you would like to appeal the decision by the railroad to deny your eRailsafe Canada certification, send an email to


The appeal should include the following:

  • Individual’s name
  • Contractor’s company name
  • Mailing address
  • E-Mail address
  • Daytime telephone number
  • Justification for Appeal (brief explanation)
  • Supporting documentation if applicable


Once the railroad has reviewed your appeal, you will be contacted with their decision.

eRailSafe Canada Support Line

–Live help available Monday-Friday 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM EST

By Phone:

(888) 351-1369

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