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Contractor/Resource Management

Managing external resources such as Contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers, vendors and related personnel can present many daily challenges. e-RAILSAFE CANADA serves as a single source solution that can help facilitate a wide range of routine Contractor/Resource Management tasks :

• Contractor/Vendor Registration & Info Management

Streamline the process of registering and evaluating external resources such as contractors, vendors and suppliers.
Easily keep track of important information including contact and billing details, compliance status, licensing and other relevant documents.  LEARN MORE –>

• Contractor/Vendor Screening

Get the information needed to make informed decisions on the businesses doing business with your organization. Conduct and auto-evaluate background checks on contractors, vendors, suppliers and their employees.  LEARN MORE –>

• Contractor Compliance Awareness

Administer online training and testing to Resources and their personnel to ensure that they comply with organizational, industry and regulatory requirements.  LEARN MORE –>

• Contractor Credentialing

Easily create, issue and document custom credentialing for Resources and their personnel. LEARN MORE –>


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