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Online Training & Testing

Delivering training and testing online empowers personnel with the flexibility needed to balance their compliance requirements with the demands of their daily work routine and personal life.

TutorRITE is an online solution that facilitates the creation and delivery of vital compliance information to targeted or widely dispersed constituencies.


• eVerifile Support Specialists work with subscribing companies to convert existing or create custom compliance content into a TutorRITE online format.

• Content can include required orientations, training presentations, surveys and tests that participants access in order to meet internal or industry regulations.

• Content can be in a number of formats including FLASH. HTML, PowerPoint, and more.

• Participants such as employees and contractor/vendor personnel access the content at any time from any PC by logging into e-RAILSAFE CANADA and following the instructions provided.

• Optional features can be added so that data can be graded, sorted and easily retrieved as per the subscriber’s requirements.

• Utilize the Reporting/Auditing feature to monitor and document compliance.

Learn More about using TutorRITE for your e-RAILSAFE Custom Programs.


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