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Workplace Credentialing

Workplace Credentialing for this system is powered by BadgeRITE-The Easy Way to ID!

BadgeRITE enables organizations to streamline their Workplace Credentialing process for employees, vendors, volunteers and more.


• eVerifile Support Specialists work with organizations to select the type of badge required and to create a design template which is used to create the badge.

• Subscribers can choose from an array of designs and badge types (flash badge, Smartcards, Holograph cards and etc.). The badge type and template is then uploaded onto e-RAILSAFE CANADA and is available for use.
Prospective badge recipients are instructed to have a photo taken so that it can be uploaded into the system via their e-FILE.

• The photo is automatically incorporated into the appropriate design template by the system and an ID Badge is created once the individual has been .approved. as per the criteria of the badge issuer.

• The system manages the delivery of the badges via postal and/or overnight mail. Issuance of all badges is electronically documented and available for record keeping and onsite badge verification purposes.

• In addition to ID badges, organizations can also utilize this feature to create other forms of credentialing such as custom certificates, decals and more.

eRailSafe Canada Support Line

–Live help available Monday-Friday 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM EST


By Phone:

(888) 351-1369


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