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Information Management

e-RAILSAFE CANADA enables subscribing organizations to easily keep track of internal employees, external resources and associated personnel through an easy to use information management system.


Subscribing organizations login into to access select info management features that are integrated into the system:

• Online Registration/Enrollment

External resources are directed by their clients to submit their information online and complete any pre-qualifying requirements. The collected information is stored in the system as an e-FILE which can be used to evaluate registration eligibility.

• Info/Document Storage

Information on individual employees, external resources and associated personnel are entered and stored in the system via an e-FILE. Each e-FILE includes contact details, photos/logos, required consent forms and other relevant documents which can be easily edited and retrieved for future viewing.

• Reporting/Auditing

e-RAILSAFE CANADA can be customized to provide reporting and auditing features that can provide relevant employee and resource statistics and issue alerts on non-compliance or approaching milestones such as expirations.

Optional features can be added so that information can be graded, sorted and easily retrieved as per the subscriber’s unique requirements.

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