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Evaluation Support Features

Sometimes routine decision-making may involve careful evaluation of collected data.

No matter the need, e-RAILSAFE CANADA offers an array of solutions that are designed to help speed up your evaluation process:


GradeRite is a unique solution that scans and automatically grades select data based on your unique criteria.

• GradeRite Powered Screening: Combine GradeRITE with eVerifile’s On Demand Risk Assessment Solutions to completely automate the personnel screening process. GradeRITE automatically scans background reports for keywords as per your criteria and then “grades” the report which is visible for review via the system. Managers can then approve or deny subjects upon review or set the system to automatically render approval decisions based on their grade.

• GradeRite Powered Tests: Evaluating tests is made all the easier when using GradeRITE with eVerifile’s TutorRITE feature. Once this feature is activated, exams, tests, questionnaires, polls and more can be instantly administered, reviewed, automatically evaluated and graded via GradeRITE.’

Subject Matter Expert (SME) Evaluations

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) add an extra layer of informed expertise and accountability to your decision-making process. e-RAILSAFE CANADA is able to facilitate third-party access for organizations that require the assistance of an SME to help speed up daily administrative evaluations, audits and decisions.

EVI Assisted Evaluations

eVerifile offers additional support to handle routine evaluations including Registration, Personnel Screening, compliance evaluations and more. Upon request, eVerifile will assign its Evaluation Specialists to help accelerate routine tasks on the e-RAILSAFE CANADA system.

Contact eVerifile now for more on GradeRITE, SME and EVI Assisted data evaluations.

Learn More about GradeRITE from eVerifile.

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