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Program Criteria

The purpose of the eRailSafe program is to promote railroad safety and security. As part of this program, applicants who match any of the following criteria will be denied access to railroad properties.

Denied contractor applicants and the contractor company will be notified in writing, if the applicant is denied access to the railroad property.

The contractor company and/or the contractor applicant can issue an appeal to eRailSafe. To learn more about the appeals process, visit the Appeals Page.

Program Criteria for Denial of Access to Railroad Properties

  • History of convictions for felony and/or misdemeanor crimes of concern
  • Incarceration within the last five years
  • Any pending felony and/or misdemeanor charge
  • SSN discrepancy/possible name mismatch
  • Crime of concern within the last seven years
  • Not disposed and/or open court case
  • Out of service area
  • Background check canceled by contractor

Please Note: Organizations that maintain compliance programs on the eRailSafe system are solely responsible for developing the program/screening criteria by which approvals and denials of property access and credentialing are issued. is not responsible for, and expressly disclaims any responsibility for, developing such program/screening criteria or decisions resulting from such criteria.

Organizations that maintain compliance programs on the eRailSafe system also have sole responsibility for resolving any appeal to their denial decisions and expressly disclaims any responsibility for the same.

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