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Enrolled eRailSafe Contractors:

Please read the following important information on using this program

Thank you for your partnership in helping keep the Class I Railroads Safe and Secure!

Important eRailSafe Information


How To Log In:

To log into the eRailSafe system, you will use the email address and password you entered when you subscribed. If you need assistance, please contact

Cost of eRailSafe:

The cost per employee is $70. This includes a background check, awareness training and testing, and a badge. Renewals must occur every 2 years to stay compliant.

Important notes on processing applicants:

Confirm that a credit card is on file in your company account. Otherwise, you will not be able to process applicants through eRailSafe.


  • Before initiating a background check, complete and save a consent form from every applicant.
  • Please ensure you are entering the applicant’s full legal name. If you change a search identifier (name, birth date, or SSN) on an applicant, you will be charged an additional $52.00 to rerun the report.
  • If you receive a Social Security Number (SSN) discrepancy email or notification, please follow the instructions in the notification on your “Required Tasks”.
  • You can find notifications regarding your eRailSafe applicants in the “Required Tasks” list.
  • For applicants that have not been in the U.S. for at least 7 years, please email
  • Please call our dedicated support service at 1-800-560-6435 or email if you have any questions regarding your account.

Are you an applicant looking for training and testing? Please click here.


Got Questions?


–Contact our dedicated support service


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By Email:


Other Resources:

• History of eRailSafe

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Reference Guides:

• Company User Guide

• Applicant User Guide

• Video Tutorials

• Union Pacific Video


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