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Welcome to the New eRailSafe 2.0 System

If an applicant is denied access to railroad property through the eRailSafe credentialing program, the eRailSafe program will institute the following procedure:

Appeal Process

Step 1:
eRailSafe will notify the applicant placed under review via direct correspondence. Notification will include information regarding the appeals process and options that are available to the applicant.

Step 2:
eRailSafe will notify the applicant’s employer of the applicant placed under review and provide appeals guidance to the contractor.

The Appeal Process: Common Questions

Who can appeal the Under Review Access?
The contractor company and/or the contractor applicant can issue an appeal directly to eRailSafe.

How long do applicants or company have to file an appeal?
An applicant will have 15 working days from the postmark date on the letter received from eRailSafe to appeal the decision.

If the applicant or company requires additional time to gather documentation, the applicant or company must notify eRailSafe of his or her intention to appeal. At that time, the applicant or company may be afforded an additional 15 working days to submit their appeal and supporting documentation.

What information should be included in the appeal?

  • Individual’s name
  • Contractor’s company name
  • Mailing address
  • E-Mail address
  • Daytime telephone number
  • A justification for Appeal (brief explanation)
  • Supporting documentation if applicable

Once eRailSafe has received the appeal and supporting documentation (if applicable), eRailSafe will forward the applicant’s appeal to the appropriate railroad within 24 hours for expedited review.

The railroad will render a decision on the appeal no later than 20 working days from the date of receipt from eRailSafe of the applicant’s appeal. The appeals board within each railroad will include a diverse work group from various departments. The decision on the appeal will be communicated back to eRailsafe by the railroad. The applicant and its employer will be promptly notified by eRailsafe of the decision on the appeal.

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