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eRailSafe has an extensive track record of service to the Railroad Industry having served some of the largest railroad organizations in the North America.

The company has leveraged this industry experience to create a series of programs that organizations can use and customize to meet their unique needs:

• Canadian RR Personnel Screening Program

Utilize this program to ensure that employees who are Canadian citizens have undergone a background investigation, are aware or specific policies, and have obtained the proper credentialing to access RR property in Canada.

• Railroad Contractor Registration Program

Deploy this program to prequalify potential contractors before agreeing to use their services. Contractors login to complete required Certificate of Insurance(COI) documentation, review contractor policies and are screened via a Business Credit Report.

• Canadian Contractor Compliance Program

Designed to mirror the e-RAILSAFE Class 1 Program in the U.S., this program ensures that contract personnel that require access to designated railroad properties in Canada have undergone compliance testing, a background investigation, and received the proper identification badge.

Learn more about customizing these programs for your specific needs or how this system can be used to administer other types of compliance programs.

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