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Program Approvals

Participants that complete tasks that have been assigned to them via a program will be reviewed for final approval by the administrator of that program through the system.

The criteria used to approve or deny participants in a compliance program are at the sole discretion of the organization that administers the program.

The approval process can be conducted manually through the system or expedited by utilizing Evaluation Support to assist in rendering an approval or denial decision.

How It Works

• Approvals

Approval decisions are rendered when a program participant successfully completes all of the tasks as per their Compliance Program. The benefits of approval vary per each program and may result in clearance to access specific worksites or receipt of relevant credentialing via the system.

• Denials

Typically, a denial is triggered when either an individual or organization has failed to meet the requirements of a Compliance Program associated with their assignment(s) via the system.

Denied Contractors or applicants/employees will be directly informed of the decision and reasons for the denial via the system.

The consequence of receiving a denial varies per each program and may result in barred access to specific worksites or restrictions on receiving relevant credentialing via the system.

• Appeals

Depending on the Program, denied subscribers will have the right to appeal a denial decision made by the organization that administers the program.

In such cases, the organization administering the program may opt to facilitate appeals via the e-RAILSAFE CANADA Appeal Process.


eRailSafe Canada Support Line

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Compliance Programs:

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